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Benefits of Brushing Teeth with Coconut Oil

There are several reasons that make it evident that coconut oil should be a part of your daily routine. The benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil are so immense, that it will convince you to use coconut oil regularly.

What are the benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil and how do we use it? Coconut oil has various health benefits for our body. Whether you use it for the hair, nails, skin or teeth – coconut oil has proven to be quite advantageous.

According to the latest researches, it has been found out that coconut oil has proven to be beneficial for our oral health as well. It can actually work wonders for the dental health. For many years, the benefits were just rumored and not yet proven, however, after conducting the studies a few years back, it was found out that coconut oil is a perfect alternative for several dental medicines.

Even though, visiting your dentist every once in a while is actually good, but taking care of your teeth with such remedies can be advantageous as well. And dentists never discourage maintaining a good oral hygiene, especially if it has a medical evidence that supports the claims.

The only thing you need to be assure is that the alternative dental care method is actually working. Otherwise, it is just oil pulling several times a week for nothing. And sometimes, it can actually get worse, causing long-term damage. Therefore, make sure you consult your dentist before you are going for something like this.

Since, we’ve already discussed how beneficial oil pulling can be, therefore, let’s just directly discuss the advantages of coconut oil for oral health. Read on the article to find out.

Bacteria Fighting Properties of Coconut Oil:

Oil pulling is actually a really old technique and has been used over decades, even before these formal dentists became popular. It is basically a conventional Indian folk remedy. For several decades, there was no evidence that coconut oil can actually be beneficial for oral health, however, after the conduction of various researches, scientists led to the conclusion that coconut oil, in fact, is really good for our teeth.

Coconut oil mainly targets the oral bacteria known as streptococcus mutans that is the root cause of tooth decay. This means that coconut oil helps in fighting the tooth decay, plaque and cavities. This happens when the fatty oils in coconut oil are broken down and turned into enzymes. Enzymes, that are toxic for some types of bacteria that cause plaque.

Benefits of Brushing Teeth with Coconut Oil:

There are several reasons that make it evident that coconut oil should be a part of your daily routine. The benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil are so immense, that it will convince you to use coconut oil regularly.

1. There are no harmful chemicals:

Even though, there is no evidence that there are any harmful chemicals in the toothpastes we use, however, most of the people still prefer more natural ingredients. People who avoid using toothpastes in order to avoid fluoride can opt for naturally made coconut oil toothpaste. The best thing is that you can control the ingredients in the toothpastes like these. Moreover, the coconut oil toothpaste is non-toxic and completely safe to use.

2. It helps in fighting cavities:

We’ve already mentioned that coconut oil seems to work quite effectively when it comes to fighting the bacteria that causes decays and cavities. And since we have an evidence that massaging the oil for 10-15 minutes’ daily can reduce the cavities to a really great extent, therefore, making it a part of a daily routine is a really good option.

3. An affordable option:

One of the reasons why coconut oil should be a part of your dental hygiene routine is that it is affordable and quite cheap as compared to the regular branded toothpastes. A medium sized tub of the coconut oil usually costs $8-$12 and can be used for months.

You’ll need a little amount of coconut oil for making the homemade toothpaste, which means you can use the rest for your hair and skin as well. The taste of the toothpaste might not be good, for which you can use flavors, essential oils and sweeteners.

4. Making a coconut tooth paste is really easy:

The best thing about using coconut oil is that making the toothpaste out of it is quite easy. Most of the ingredients are usually available in the supermarkets. All you need to do is mix them up and make a paste. This paste can be used for months then. Just make sure that you keep the toothpaste in a glass or plastic jar or container and away from direct sun exposure.

5. Coconut oil is really effective:

You might have heard of the traditional oil pulling technique. The technique has been used for centuries by several communities. Before proper studies and researches were conducted, most of the dentists usually had skeptical views about its use. But with time, several experiments and researches were conducted which assured that coconut oil is, after all, quite effectual for maintaining oral hygiene and prevent oral infections.

The question here is; What is oil pulling?

Well, the process is quite easy and simple. So, what you need to do is rinse your mouth with pure coconut oil – just like you use the mouthwash. Make sure you don’t swallow or gargle, that is discouraged by numerous dentists and experts. After that push the oil around your teeth perfectly for almost 10-15 minutes. If you are a beginner, then start off with rinsing for five minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time.

Because of the motion of oil, the cavities eventually draw out along with other decays, debris and dirt as well. When you see the coconut oil turning whitish and milky, spit it out. Moreover, there is no restriction in the number of times you need to repeat this process, however, once a day is sufficient for most of the people.

There are several advantages of the remedy like curing the gums, removing the cavities and plaques, alleviating the soreness caused by dryness and soothing the bleeding gums. But make sure you consult your dentist before starting the procedure regularly.

Hence, we can conclude that using coconut oil for maintaining oral hygiene and curing gum infections is effective. After all, it is medically proven now. So, benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil are endless.

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