Bleeding Gums Oral Care

Bleeding Gums Treatment

Bleeding gums treatment involves identification of the cause of bleeding and determination of the procedure to be adopted at home or by the dentist.

In order to understand the principles of bleeding gums treatment, it is essential to recognize and properly diagnose the underlying cause of the bleeding gums. Only after that has been determined can the treatment begin and ultimately stop the gums from bleeding.

Bleeding Gums Remedy for General Injury

The lining of the oral cavity called oral mucosa has the capacity to very quickly regenerate in case of a cut, laceration or any other discontinuity in it. So, bleeding due to injury from a tooth pick, tooth brush or anything else will not require any treatment. In case the person feels like the bleeding is not stopping immediately, applying pressure with a wet/moist cotton pellet should arrest the bleeding right away.

Cleaning of Teeth and Gums

Moving on to the treatment of bleeding gums in gum disease. One of the best ways to cure bleeding gums is by keeping the teeth and gums clean. Unclean environment leads to a buildup of bacterial organisms in the oral cavity and produces a disease challenge for gums. Apart from plaque, calculus deposits also play a huge role in gum disease. It renders the gingiva friable and prone to bleeding. The treatment of tooth deposits like plaque and calculus can be sub divided into:

  • That which can be done at home and
  • That which requires paying a visit to the dentist or a dental hygienist

At Home Cleaning

At home cleaning can be achieved using tooth brushes and other cleaning aids like dental floss, rubber tips etc. A variety of pastes, gels and solutions can be used at home along with the mechanical devices to better aid cleaning. These tooth pastes, powders and gels contain a lot of substances that have added benefits like abrasives (to scrap of deposits better), fluoride (to arrest caries), anti-tartar substances etc. By ensuring that you spend adequate time properly cleaning your teeth, you ensure that the bacteria that are breaking the barriers of gingival tissue are removed, the gingiva remains intact and does not bleed. At home cleaning has proven to be an effective remedy for bleeding gum treatment in most of the cases.

Cleaning by a Dentist for Bleeding Gums Treatment

The second part of cleaning can be achieved through a dentist or a dental hygienist. This is done by a variety of processes like scaling, root planning, fluoride application etc. By scaling it means that the hardened deposits that cannot be removed by brushing alone are removed mechanically. Scaling can be ultrasonic and manual. Root planning means, to remove these deposits from exposed root surfaces. Both of these processes are very important to get a completely clean, smooth tooth surface. So that the gums surrounding the tooth get a fresh, clean start that can later on be maintained by brushing and flossing at home.

It is of the utmost importance to realize that in the absence of a severe disease (that could be genetic or infectious), in most cases it is poor hygiene that proves a challenge to gums and causes them to bleed. Maintenance of good hygiene gets rid of bleeding gums in most cases unless there is an underlying disease.

Cure of Bleeding Gums due to Underlying Disease

In case of an underlying disease like bleeding disorders (Vitamin K deficiency, hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease, Vitamin C deficiency etc.) and infectious gum diseases (like acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, primary herpetic gingivostomatitis, pericoronitis) the bleeding gums treatment is planned by the dentist and physician. These cannot be self-treated and requires professional help.

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