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    vitamins for Gums

    What are the best vitamins for healthy gums? Could vitamins improve oral health? If yes, then what are the best vitamins for healthy gums? I am 16 years old. Lately, whenever I brush, my gums bleed. And it is copious in amount. Sometimes my whole mouth is filled with blood. It is so weird and salty; I don’t know what to do.

    My mother told me to start vitamins as it helps in the gum strength. But I want to know what is wrong with me. I am already taking antibiotics for my sore throat; I don’t want to take any more medications. She asked to consult a dentist who can recommend best vitamins for healthy gums.

    If I start vitamins, will it react with my levofloxacin antibiotic? How many days should I take it for and what tablets should I take? Will it only improve my oral health or other things too? If yes, then what are the other benefits of vitamin tablets?

    Kindly help me, I do not want to go to the doctor just to ask this, I am avoiding hospitals these days.

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    Dr Maria Asif

    Before I explain best vitamins for healthy gums, It is sad to know that you are going through this problem at a very young age. And yes, what your mother said is totally correct. Vitamins can, in fact, improve oral health and gum strength a lot. The best vitamins for overall gum problems is vitamin C. It is a water-soluble vitamin and used to improve the elasticity of gingiva. Many problems like scurvy are treated with it. But given your medical and drug history, I do have some opinions on what is wrong in your case.

    As you said, you are taking levofloxacin for your sore throat problem. I have many concerns about this. First of all, you are very young. At this age, you should avoid taking such powerful drugs. Levofloxacin is a third-generation antibiotic. It is reserved for treatments of infections that are otherwise hard to overcome. Moreover, you should never start antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription as it can lead to resistance for future infections.

    Another reason for not starting antibiotics without professional advice is the possible side effects. The medicine you are taking has many adverse actions including bleeding gums. Patients on levofloxacin can sometimes go through heavy bleeding even from minor trauma, like toothbrushing in your case. Thus, I would’ve suggested to stop it immediately but I still encourage you to visit a doctor first to rule out other possibilities.

    I can see that you want to avoid medications that is why you are afraid of taking vitamins. Well, there is something that most people don’t understand about vitamin consumption, it is readily available in our day to day life.

    The foods you eat have enough vitamins that you require for proper body function. You see these are not needed in heavy quantities, so if you maintain a balanced diet, you will not have to consume it in the form of medicine. And again, given your age, I would encourage you to avoid pills and eat a balanced diet with all the food groups as they naturally offer best vitamins for healthy gums.

    Different vitamins have different functions that range from calcium absorption to anti-ageing. Thus, when you take proper amounts, your overall health will improve significantly. I hope I have stated all your concerns. May you feel better soon.

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