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    I am suffering from front tooth pain after trauma. Kindly help me, I am in severe pain. Two days ago, I fell from the stairs. I couldn’t feel anything at that time but now, I am facing quite a lot of trouble.

    Every time I eat something, I feel a weird pain in my front teeth. Is this front tooth pain after trauma normal? I thought maybe it’s just because I fell pretty bad. But I hit my elbow too and its pain has subsided completely. It’s just my tooth that is bothering me now.

    I can’t do anything. It hurts when I brush, it hurts when I eat, it even hurts when I wake up in the morning. Like what can I possibly do in sleep in order to make it even worse?

    It’s getting annoying and I can’t tolerate this front tooth pain after trauma. What should I do now? If I go to a dentist, what will he do? Is there any treatment for this pain? And most importantly what is this condition?

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    Dr Maria Asif

    Front tooth pain after trauma is very common. First of all, I will suggest you start painkillers for your pain right away. But this will only be a temporary treatment. As for the definite treatment you need to consult a dentist as soon as possible.

    I see you are worried about what this condition might be. Well, I have some ideas about what may have happened there. As you said you fell from the stairs recently, I think when you hit the ground, it hit your tooth. As a result of which, your tooth might have fractured.

    Sadly, I cannot confirm this condition. You need an x-ray to see if it is in fact a fracture or not. Also, only a radiograph can tell the extent of the trauma properly.

    There are a few treatment options for this condition. All of which depends on the extent of the damage. If your tooth is still vital, there are chances that it can be saved. Otherwise, you will need an extraction.

    As far as your sleeping conditions are concerned, there is a concept behind it too. We call it bruxism. It is possible that you clench your teeth during sleep. This can worsen the pain of a fractured tooth, just like what happens in your case.

    Since your front tooth is affected, it is possible you feel anxious about your aesthetics too. Well, no matter what treatment option your doctor selects, I’m sure that your smile will restore soon. Thanks to the advancement in the field, even if you get an extraction, you could get a new tooth just within a matter of hours.

    I suggest you get an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. He will evaluate your condition and guide you accordingly.

    Meanwhile, do not chew from the affected side and try to eat soft foods only. When you brush, be careful and do not apply pressure on the affected tooth. Lastly, I wish all the best, and I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully, your concerns about front tooth pain after trauma have been addressed.

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