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    In what disease holes in the teeth near gums are formed? For the past few months, I have been observing some changes in my front teeth.

    I was never conscious of my oral hygiene. But I got a toothache after which I started to take care of my hygiene habits. I brush multiple times a day. But every time I brush, I feel the sensation of an electric current.

    My teeth also had blackness in some places. I thought it was just because of my bad hygiene and will get better after a while. But to my surprise, things took a weird turn.

    Now, I have holes in teeth near gums. I feel like I brushed away pieces of my teeth. It hurts so bad and looks even worse. My smile is destroyed and whenever I open my mouth, I feel embarrassed. What should I do?

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    Dr Maria Asif

    Your case is a classic example of cervical caries. Let’s break this term to understand it better. The part of teeth near gums is called the cervical area. And the decay of this part is known as cervical caries. This is what you are referring to as holes in teeth near gums.

    The process of caries development consists of many stages. It is reversible at first, but then it decays the tooth structure. The colour changes you mentioned are a part of this process. First of all, a white spot is produced at the point of caries development. After that, it changes its colour to brown. And finally, it turns black. Most of the patients notice it in this stage.

    But if someone still ignores it after the black colour stage, it decays completely and breaks apart. This leads to the formation of holes and cavities. Which is exactly what happened in your case. So, you haven’t brushed away your tooth structure, it is just part of the carious disease.

    Now, as you mentioned you did not use to take care of your hygiene. Chances are, your teeth got infected at that time. It’s possible that you did not notice it at first till it started causing problems.

    As far as your concerns for pain goes, I will suggest you start painkillers right away. You also have to be very careful while brushing as it can cause severe discomfort. Now, the progression of the lesion can only be assessed with a radio-graph. Therefore, you should get an appointment with your dentist.

    Even though your doctor will make the treatment plan according to your x-ray, there are some options that he might consider. If your lesion has not touched the vitality of your teeth, you will need filling. It will be shade-matched according to your teeth and your smile will be restored perfectly.

    Otherwise, if your pulp is involved then you will need Root Canal Treatment. After this, you will get a crown or bridge. This will also be shade-matched to your natural colour and again your smile will be restored.

    Hence, no matter what, your smile will be back again and you will be able to show it off very soon. I hope your concern related to holes in teeth near gums has been addressed. Pleas feel free to ask if you have any confusions.

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