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    How to fix overbite without braces? I am 21 years old and currently working as a full-time manager. There is something that has bothered me for a long time, and it is my smile. My front teeth protrude way forward compared to the rest. Even when I smile, it looks weird.

    It didn’t disturb me in my childhood. And I never visited a dentist due to lack of awareness. But now that I am in the professional world and I interact with so many different people, I feel self-conscious. Every time I say something, I feel like people are looking at my teeth.

    So, I went to a dentist finally in order to find a solution. He suggested I get braces as I have something called an overbite. But it will make me look even weirder. Kindly help me on how to fix overbite without braces. I want to do something about this. Help me, please.

    Dr Maria Asif

    Before we learn how to fix overbite without braces, let us start with understanding what an overbite is. The vertical overlap of upper and lower incisors is known as an overbite. It can be deep or shallow depending on the degree of overlap. In this condition, the maxillary teeth protrude a little forward changing the facial appearance of a patient.

    Most of the time, patients are encouraged to get proper treatment early on in their life. The reason behind it being that overbite is not only an aesthetic issue. If left untreated, it can cause functional problems, for example, slurred speech. Many people choose to live with it, but in some cases, complications are seen as well.

    I can understand how you find braces unfitting to your lifestyle. It is completely normal to feel this way. You will be glad to know that even though braces are the go-to treatment, there are other options too. Fortunately, continuous modernization has improved clinical practices a lot. So it is quite possible now to fix overbite without braces.

    If you want something that will be effective but invisible, go for Invisalign. These are transparent aligners that straighten out moderately malaligned the teeth efficiently. Now, it is a little expensive, but the results are worth it. You might want to consult your doctor to see if it is an option for you.

    You also have the option for traditional aligners. These are again functioned to align teeth like they are supposed to arrange naturally. But like other options, this also has some limitations and not every case is ideal for this type of treatment.

    Lastly, I would suggest you choose what you find the best. Also, only start the procedure if you can commit to it. You should not look at yourself as ugly or awkward. There is no shame in accepting yourself as is, but if you want treatment, go for it. Whatever you do, should be your own decision. After all, it is you that has to deal with the hassle of a long treatment plan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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