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    I have one tooth sensitive to cold. Is it possible for only one tooth to get a periodontal problem? I have always heard that gum problems affect the whole mouth instead of attacking separate teeth.

    I have been a denture wearer for 6 months, and one tooth that supports it is sensitive to cold. It is quite bizarre, and I can see more of my tooth now like, it somehow came out of the socket, or the gum reduced, I have no idea.

    First, I thought my denture was causing it. But it is very comfortable. I clean it daily and follow every direction that my doctor provided. My denture never bothers me, it is easy to maintain. I can roll it around my mouth with my tongue, in fact, I play with it like this.

    But I don’t get it. Why is only one tooth sensitive to cold? Every time I eat anything, I feel an electric current that shoots up. I cannot even drink cold water. What should I do? Kindly guide me.

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    Dr Ethan

    One tooth gets sensitive to cold for several reasons. Yes, it is possible for one tooth to get affected by periodontal problems. It is not common but possible. In your case, I believe your first instinct was correct. I think your denture is the problem causing factor here.

    The tooth that supports the denture is called an abutment. You see, naturally, our teeth hold the forces of mastication and transfer it to the bone and tissues. But since you have one or more teeth missing, and the denture cannot hold such forces, they are directed towards the abutment.

    Therefore, the abutment tooth has to cope with forces of multiple teeth. Sometimes, this can become a new issue. The tooth itself is pretty strong, but gums can only hold up a certain amount of force. After that, periodontal problems are started.

    Moreover, the clasp on your denture can prove to be a continuous cause of trauma to the gingiva. This can lead to recession and even in some cases, ulcerations. To avoid such conditions, it is necessary that you get a proper denture with the maximum fit.

    Unfortunately, your denture is lousy and unfit. Though it feels comfortable and loose, this is exactly quite the opposite of what it should be. And since you play with it, it is possible that you somehow caused trauma to your gums. This is why only that one tooth is affected by sensitivity.

    Another reason for this sensitivity can be gum recession. As you said, you can see more of your tooth and less gingiva, this is exactly what we call gum recession. Due to continuous irritation, the gingiva can leave its place and move a little back, this causes sensitivity of the affected teeth.

    Right now, I suggest you avoid foods that cause discomfort, or if you take it, avoid consuming it from the affected side. It will provide comfort to the one tooth sensitive to cold.

    Moreover, get an appointment with your prosthodontist as soon as you can. He will evaluate your periodontal condition and correct the fit of your denture. Once you get a properly fitting denture, you will feel a lot better.

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