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    Tooth decay under crown – can a tooth get decayed without any damage to the crown structure? Lately, I have been feeling a sharp pain in one of my lower molar teeth.

    When I checked it in the mirror, there was nothing and the crown seemed normal. But every time I chew, I feel a sensation of sharp pain.

    The pain did not subside even after weeks so I went to a dentist. He asked me about my habits and did some examinations on my face. After that, he checked my teeth. When he checked the affected one, he said it had decayed.

    So, my question is, could a tooth decay under crown? Is it possible?

    If yes, what will be my treatment now? Will I need an extraction or will it heal? My dentist asked me to get an x-ray of it. Is it necessary?

    If I leave it as is, and maintain brushing habits, what will happen then? Kindly guide me.

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    Dr Maria Asif

    Yes, it is possible for a tooth to get decayed under the crown structure. We call this condition pits and fissure caries. You see, naturally, our teeth have some deep lines and grooves. These structures are called pits and fissures.

    The difference between both the terms is that a pit is a pinpoint area. On the other hand, a fissure is a deep line. Just like our faces, every human being has a different anatomical structure of teeth.

    Some people have deep fissures that end quite close to the dentin and pulp which are the internal structure of a tooth. These grooves become a good hideout place for bacteria and food debris. Since these are deep, you cannot clean them properly with simple brushing.

    When this type of caries is initiated, it is very tricky to observe in a mirror. It takes a lot of experience in the field to notice such lesions with a naked eye. Otherwise, radiographs are the only way to see the depth of this condition. So, even if your doctor has told you about caries, it is important that you get an x-ray for further evaluation.

    Now, for the pain, you should start some pain killers. Also, avoid eating from the affected side to reduce the discomfort. As far as your brushing goes, it can somewhat reduce the progression, but it cannot reverse the lesion.

    Therefore, it is necessary that you get it treated properly. Even though only a radiograph can confirm, still there are a few options for your treatment. It is not necessary that you will require an extraction. It is possible to treat this problem by filling or Root Canal Treatment.

    Either way, an x-ray is the only way to tell what will happen. I suggest you get a radiograph and get back to your doctor as soon as possible. I hope you feel better soon. This answers your concern about tooth decay under crown.

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