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    Is it okay to use toothpaste and baking soda to clean teeth? I have this query that has been bothering me for a long time now. I have this cousin who told me to do this.

    I naturally have quite yellow teeth with some white specks on it. Whenever I smile, I always get very conscious of this problem. When my cousin told me this method, it intrigued me. She said I should apply the mixture of toothpaste and baking soda on teeth. Apparently, it works like magic.

    I was about to do it, but I’m not sure if it will do anything for me. I am very curious to try it, but I am afraid as well. I don’t know, I mean what if it causes any harm to my dentition?

    I don’t want to do anything without proper consultation. Even if it works then what is the concept behind it? And if this is not the right thing to do, then what is?

    Dr Maria Asif

    It is wonderful that you have asked this very common question about toothpaste and baking soda on teeth. It is good that you do not do anything without proper guidance. Not many people are this responsible for their oral health, so it’s good to know that you care about your health more than just aesthetics.

    That being said, yes, applying baking soda is a common practice in the general public. The concept behind this method is that it is supposed to mimic the procedure of dental polishing. You see, the baking soda is quite abrasive in nature. So, it polishes the outer part of your teeth making it visibly brighter and clean. This explains why people are so fond of this technique.

    Now if you think about it, it will seem like a good idea. But, most of the people who recommend this option are not professionals. They just used something, saw results, and now they are promoting it.

    But they are in fact only shortsighted. Because even though they have seen the instant results, they do not know what will happen in the long run.

    While on one hand, the soda will clean your teeth. On the other hand, it can damage your mucosa. In our dental products, we do use soda, but only in tiny quantities. We make sure that it doesn’t harm the patients in any way.

    Now that we have covered the baking soda problem, let’s discuss your condition. As you said, you have white specks on your teeth. I believe this is some type of fluorosis.

    Maybe you grew up in a village or an area with highly mineralized water. Sometimes, this mineral content can accumulate in the dental structure and show up as white specks or lines on the teeth. I may be wrong but as far as I can tell, this is the real problem you are facing.

    This is permanent and only bleaching can help in this matter. I will suggest you get an appointment with your dentist and ask him to guide you properly.

    And for the baking soda hack, just stick with your habit of not doing anything without proper guidance and you will be good to go.

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