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    Are there some types of dental arches? I need professional advice from a dentist. I’ll be honest I don’t even know what dental arch is. Actually, I work in a salon. Every week, we arrange a small workshop and discuss how we can improve our techniques.

    Today, one of my colleagues said that we should alter our makeup looks according to different dental arches. I know about face shapes and all. But what are these dental arches? Was she only babbling or it actually has some role on the face features?

    And most importantly, how does it help in the facial profile? Is there any way to enhance it with makeup?

    I felt stupid asking this in the workshop but now I cannot forget about it. Kindly tell me. I would do anything to improve my work. If it really makes a difference then I definitely want to know about the types of dental arches.

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    Dr Maria Asif

    First of all, let’s understand what a dental arch is. And to make a better concept, we will do a small exercise. If you break this term, you will get two words, dental and arch.

    What does dental mean? Something related to teeth, right?

    Now if we talk about the word arch, what comes into your mind? An architectural arch maybe? It has a specific shape. I am sure you can imagine it, if not, then google it. Keep this image in your mind as I will make the concept of the dental arch with the help of it.

    With your tongue, feel your teeth. You will see that the shape in which your teeth are arranged, feels quite similar to a room or hallway arch.

    If you join these pieces together, you will have a definition. A dental arch is the setting in which teeth are arranged. Every human has two dental arches. An upper arch, and a lower arch. Each contains mostly 14, or in rare cases, 16 teeth.

    You might get surprised but yes there are several different types of these arches. And, these make a great impact on facial features and facial profile. That being said, no, you cannot modify them with makeup. It needs proper treatment to change someone’s arch form.

    There are three basic types of dental arch forms. Square, tapering, and ovoid. The way a dental arch is designed makes an impact on the smile of the person. Now, while you cannot modify the arch structure, you can use makeup to compliment it.

    For example, like you tailor your techniques to different face shapes, you can do the same for your customer’s smile. Study what you can do to enhance your customers’ features and I am sure you will find relevant data on it.

    I hope I have cleared your confusion and discussed all your concerns regarding types of dental arches.

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