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    What are bands on braces for? I have a little son and he is currently in the middle of his treatment. He has really bad teeth and they do not align quite perfectly so we opted for braces. The dentist we are going to is very professional. He is friendly with my son and I am satisfied.

    But still, I am very skeptical. I do not trust anyone, especially if it concerns my child. That’s why I started to search about the procedure. That is how I learnt about bands. I tried to look it up online but I couldn’t understand the concept of it.

    Now I want to know what this is, and what does it do? What are other options for it? Also, the doctor said that treatment will continue for 2 years. Does it always take this long or is it specific for each patient’s condition? And as I said earlier, I am more curious to learn wat are bands on braces for?

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    Dr Maria Asif

    What are bands on braces for? You might have seen that braces involve brackets and wires that go around the teeth. To support these structures, metallic bands are applied and fixed with screws. They get attached firmly and distribute the forces efficiently. Ranging from steel to gold, they can be made from different materials.

    Bands are mostly fixed on the posterior or more commonly known as molar teeth. They are not visible in day to day life, but these play a significant role in the treatment of orthodontics. That being said, it is not used as much nowadays. With the advancement in the field, doctors prefer other options like the bonding that provides better support and proper outcome.

    Now before you jump into conclusion thinking your doctor is not choosing the best option, I would like to clear something. Even though bands are not heavily used, they are not obsolete. There are still many conditions when it is the preferable option. And if you look in the local market, it is used more commonly. Also, bands have several advantages over bonding that are hard to ignore.

    There is another thing I want to point out here. Bands can look pretty intimidating. People get afraid of having metal pieces inside the mouth. They also find it weird and uncomfortable. But you should know that this is a part of the treatment. You may not like everything always, still, you have to do it for future results. Instead of freaking out, counsel your son as he might be worried, too.

    I appreciate your curiousness. Not many people are fond of learning new things. I also like that you do not trust easily as there is a plethora of misinformation out there. Now, if your dentist is as professional as you think, then he might solve all your problems himself. But still, if you get any confusion, ask him to walk you through the process once before starting the treatment.

    Lastly, I suggest you trust what your doctor is saying. But if you get any sceptic vibe, have a second opinion to clear up all your confusion. And yes, braces can take a significant amount of time, but it is worth it. I hope you learnt what are bands on braces for?

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