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    What degrees do you need to be an orthodontist? I want to be one. I mean, I know I am quite young for it right now and probably I shouldn’t even worry about my career at this moment. I am 12 years old only but I love the idea of being a professional dentist.

    Currently, I am in the middle of my treatment and I admire my doctor so much. I cannot wait to grow up and be one of them. I am quite curious; will I have to study hard? Also, what kind of salary will I get? Is it easy to become a dentist or is it difficult? Can everyone pursue this career or only some of them get the chance?

    I know my question may be irrelevant, but can you please guide me about what degrees do one needs to be an orthodontist?

    Dr Maria Asif

    What degrees do you need to be an orthodontist? First you need to learn what is orthodontics?

    You should know that there is nothing wrong about making career choices early on in your life. You might divert from your initial choice, but it is completely fine to dream about a successful future. Keeping everything aside, orthodontics is one of the most reputable careers in the field of medicine and dentistry. Therefore, the path to becoming a good orthodontist is not an easy one.

    Right now, at your age, you should focus on your school first. And yes, you will need good grades in order to get admission in any dental college. From there, you will receive a degree of bachelors in dentistry, this will make you a general dentist. After this, you will need to get a masters or FCPS to become a professional orthodontist.

    Considering everything, you can say that it is not easy to become a dentist, but the end result is worth the hardships. Moreover, no, not everyone can be a good dentist or orthodontist. Only the ones with professional knowledge and precise understanding of the field can work as a full-time health-care provider.
    Now as far as the salary is concerned, yes orthodontists earn a good amount of money. They work really hard to improve smiles, and therefore they deserve each penny that they charge. Also, part of their income is spent on the instruments and other stuff as well. But all in all, they do earn enough to lead a peaceful life.

    Lastly, you should know that no question is irrelevant. You must have the confidence in asking questions so that you can clear your concepts. Hiding your problems and ignoring your curiousness can only do harm and no good. When you ask for help, your knowledge is increased. I hope I have stated all your concerns regarding what degrees do you need to become an orthodontist?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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