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Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Fennel seeds, Cinnamon, Lemon juice, Parsley, Cloves, Apple cider vinegar, Baking soda and Water are the best natural remedies for preventing bad breath.

Interested to learn about some natural remedies for bad breath? People dislike sitting with a person having bad breath. This is also known as halitosis. It induces a lack of confidence, which directly affects social life. Curious to know what causes such a lousy odor? Well, there are several reasons. Such as frequent smoking, and alcohol intake are some of the common reasons for halitosis. Other causes can be related to dental hygiene, which includes gum disease, dental cavities, or any other issue with the mouth. Some people suffer from this condition because of inadequate saliva in the mouth.

From the above reasons, it is clear that we can cure bad breath issue easily and naturally if we change our lifestyles and take care of cleanliness of the teeth.

Some of the natural remedies for bad breath treatment are as following:

Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds are used to kill bacteria as it has an antiseptic property which can treat bad breath. You need a tablespoon of fennel seed to overcome this problem. Chew them, and they will start producing saliva in your mouth, which in turn helps freshen up your breath. Fennel seed has an antimicrobial effect that easily treats bad breath.


The Cinnamic aldehyde in Cinnamon is an essential oil that fights the bacteria in the mouth and solves bad breath. You need a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to get rid of halitosis. Boil the cinnamon powder in water along with cardamom seed and bay leaves. Strain the mixture and then use it two times a day.

Lemon juice:

You can use a slice of lemon or orange and change the taste of your mouth. Take one ring of lemon or orange and chew it; it will freshen up your breath. Orange and lemon have citric acid, which helps in stimulating saliva and kill the bacteria. You can also make a solution of lemon by adding lemon juice into one cup of water and then rinse your mouth with it.


Want to get rid of bad breath? Here is Parsley!! Parsley helps to neutralize the effect of bad breath as it contains chlorophyll. Chew it, and it will freshen up your breath. You can also dip it in vinegar and then chew it.


Chew a few pieces of cloves and get rid of bad breath. Cloves contain an antibacterial property that cleans the breath. You can also make the best mouthwash from clove by making its tea. Take a ground clove and boil it in a cup of water. Boil it gently for 5-10 minutes and then use it two times a day. Cloves are one of the best options when it comes to natural remedies for bad breath.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar maintains pH levels in the human body. It is the best remedy in treating bad breath. A tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar is enough when added to one glass of water. Use this mixture after meals. It helps in digestion and so gets rid of bad breath. You can also use it as gargling by adding this vinegar into one cup of water.

Baking soda:

Do you want to make an alcohol-free mouth wash? Use baking soda!! Mix one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of water along with peppermint essential oil. This mixture has an antimicrobial property, which helps to freshen the lousy breath. Baking soda in this mixture maintains the acid level, which combats the bad mouth odor.


The use of an adequate amount of water is effective in giving a fresher mouth. Swish cold water after regular intervals around your mouth. Swishing water in the morning is effective.

See your dentist if the situation does not improve even after trying these natural home remedies for bad breath.

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  1. Water is the best source for getting rid of bad breath. It increases the production rate of new saliva in our mouth. This in turn reduces the problem of bad breath. So in my opinion water is the most affordable natural remedy for bad breath. We must drink plenty of water. It is not only helpful in treatment of bad breath but it is also beneficial for our overall health.

    Drink water after every hour and save yourself from bad breath. If you drink one glass after every hour, you can easily drink 12 glasses a day. This is 4 glasses more than the recommended 8 glasses.

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